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already gone

i won't lie

something's wrong

past our time

come undone


it's a fractured break

and a misplaced step

and a broken try

it's a crooked word

and a ripped out heart

and a torn out lie


do you crack with shattered

promises you make?

can you see beyond the

emptiness you crave?

i don't care if you're around

i'm done here wasting time

i don't care if you're around

i'm already gone

the wound is fine,
it won’t take long
modern times
quickly done

it’s a faceless line
in nightless dark
and weighted lie
it’s another hell
and empty soul
and another fight

now i, will be fine
i’ll crawl above the truth

of your lies
now i, won't cry
dry eyes
no more lies

© kdb



written with the incredible van.


wrote this one on a trip to nyc and nj when i was pregnant with simon. this was a trip to get some work done with van. this is one of the first songs we wrote for this record.


i had a friend going through a hard time and these lyrics were inspired by those circumstances.



already gone - keren deberg
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