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changing times
new beginnings
gentle sight
perfect feelings
something’s changed
something’s strange
something from deep inside
everything's unknown
unfamilar ways
nothing stays the same

and your eyes, open
for the first time
and i see that, moment
all of my life
and i, won’t forget the way
your look in the light
when your eyes, open
for the first time

clean and pure
unmarked journey
welcomed smile
always learning
all new wants
all new dreams
all new love and desires
everything’s unknown
unfamiliar ways
nothing stays the same

© kdb

i wrote this with another great collaborator and friend, brian paturalski.

brian and i have written together for years and i love the way we hear melody together.

this was one of the first songs we wrote after brian and his wife moved back from england to beautiful santa barbara.

your eyes, open - Keren DeBerg
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