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this is             the  new record.     

a               long                    time coming.

finally         released.





this is my last record.

one of my proudest accomplishments to date. overwhelmed is the album namesake and the song i want to hear when i'm driving up the coast.

get up & go was the uefa theme song.

can you hear me ? music video

Directed by Jonathan Skow

Edited by Union Editorial



this was a fun day. jonathan has such an incredible eye and sees beauty in things i just gloss over. i felt fortunate to be seen through his lens. we shot in a few locations, one, a beautiful space downtown with the incredible staircase you see in the video. then we went under the iconic 6th street bridge which was sadly just torn down. a funny thing happened after the crew went home and jonathan and i were filming a bit more on sunset blvd in silverlake. i was walking down the street in that incredible trina turk trench coat, fishnets and those heels. jonathan was on the opposite side of the sunset filming me. well, lapd saw me walking in that and pulled right up asking me what i was doing. i explained the video director was across the street filming and i was not "working". i'm pretty sure the police car makes an appearance in the video as well. as does the coat and heels...

uefa live performance

this was my live uefa performance. i had just finshed touring and this final performance was in malmo at a brand new stadium bulit in time for the final.  this was a euro re-mixed verison of song that matched the feel and excitment of the games. "get up & go" will always be special to me for this moment. a stadium performance for a song van and i wrote together. grateful for it all.

first full length record. filled with heartbreak and angst. but also love when i finally made it out west. gone is a time piece of an incredible and creative moment in my life. i am grateful that i was able to make and experience it all. boy on t.v. was the first song i ever wrote for jeffrey. i even played it with a string quartet at our wedding. and gone is the album namesake. one of my all time favorites to this day.

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