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first new record in five years.


first of so many new things.

i  am  so many  new things. a mother.

a wife. confident. unapologetic. smarter. driver of carpool. wiper of tears. grateful. crier of tears. hopeful. inspired. giver of hugs and kisses. stronger. recipient of hugs and kisses. fulfilled.


i'm mended.





so many talented hands all over this record.


i co-wrote all the songs with brian paturalski, mark plati and "my soul brother" van romaine.


van produced the record and i was so lucky to have him do so.  most of my songs with him were written on enrique iglesias tour stops in los angeles. a couple started in new york and almost all were finshed in hotels on the west coast. 


every song evoked a different feeling. "going through the motions" felt instant to us as we were writing it. huge. like when a chorus knocks you over the first time you listen to it. still does.

"already gone" was started at van's studio in new jersey when i was pregnant with my second son. i had left my first son in l.a. at 6 months old to go and write.


super talented musicians on this one


van romaine - drums, programming, keyboards    

joe ayoub – bass                                              
richard fortus – guitars                                                @richardfortus

mark plati - bass, guitar, piano, programming      
pete min – guitar on amazing                            
fractal – programming -  save me                                 @OfficialFractal
skyler romaine – vocal sample on the runaway


recorded by pete min at pete min studios la, ca   

mixed by brian paturalski, santa barbara, ca      

mastered by rueben cohen, lurssen mastering, la, ca     @Lurssen

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